Sancy Suraj Shares His Secrets To Superhuman Memory Skills

Singapore’s memory master Sancy Suraj is proof that with dedication and the right techniques, anyone can transform their memory capabilities beyond what they thought possible. The Singaporean mental athlete holds numerous records in memory feats and is eager to share the methods that got him there.

Suraj’s journey began during his college days when he delved into the world of memory techniques and became obsessed with mastering his memory. He went on to set personal and singapore records for memorizing digits of pi, Euler, flags and capitals, and more. His memorization skills are so advanced that he can recite over 1500 digits of pi from memory.

So how does he do it? Sancy credits his outstanding memory to proven techniques used since ancient Greek and Roman times. “The foundations are simple, but powerful. With regular practice, anyone can tap into the vast potential of their mind,” he says.

The cornerstone of Suraj’s approach is converting information into vivid visuals. “The brain thinks in images, so creating striking mental pictures for things you need to remember is key. The wackier and more exaggerated the image, the better it sticks,” he explains.

Suraj uses several visualization techniques:

The Memory Palace This technique involves imagining a familiar place like your home and picturing objects or characters that represent the information you want to memorize. The memorable people and objects get placed in specific locations which serve as mental triggers to recall the information later. Suraj uses memory palaces to remember everything from speeches to random number strings.

The Journey Method Here you visualize traveling a familiar route and imagine vivid scenes along the way involving the information you want to retain. The sequential scenes serve as cues to retrieve the data in order. Suraj will use imaginary journeys through his neighborhood with outrageous imagery to memorize historical dates, shopping lists, or foreign words easily.

These visualization methods allow limitless information storage if you invest time to create the images. “Like a muscle, your memory strengthens with regular visualization practice. The more you visualize, the easier and faster recall becomes,” he says.

Link Numbers to Words In addition to visuals, Suraj uses other systems like assigning words to numbers to boost memorization. By linking numbers to phonetic sounds and creating wacky word associations, numbers become far easier to remember. This enabled him to memorize over 1500 digits of pi using vivid stories and images for each number sequence.

“The goal is to translate abstract information into unforgettable images and stories in your mind,” he explains.

Creativity is Key Sancy emphasizes that your creativity in coming up with vivid, lively images and associations is vital for success with these techniques. “Let your imagination run wild! The zanier and funnier the mental pictures, the stronger the recall. Things that evoke your emotions are also easier to retain,” he says.

Make it Emotional Sancy recommends tapping into your emotional memories as well, especially for remembering people’s names and faces. “Linking a person’s name or face to an emotional memory or song works incredibly well. Emotions charge up your mental images and make them stick in your brain,” he reveals.

Songs and rhymes can also help embed information. Sancy uses catchy rhythms and raps in practicing memory techniques.

Practice Makes Perfect While Sancy makes it look easy, he is quick to remind us that regular practice is essential to sharpen memory skills. “Like physical fitness, mental fitness requires training over time. Start by memorizing grocery lists or names using imagery, and keep challenging yourself to remember more,” he advises.

Sancy recommends starting small, with 5-10 minutes of memory practice daily. Visualize walking a memorized route or string random words into a crazy rhyming story. “Gradually increase the complexity and length of information as your memory circuits get stronger,” he says.

Forget Forgetfulness Sancy overcame crippling forgetfulness by relentlessly training his memory and has never looked back since. He is confident the techniques he shares can help anyone tap into the tremendous potential of the mind.

“My goal is to spread awareness of the unlimited memory capacity we all have. These skills are learnable if you dedicate time and effort. Remembering things easily is not some special gift, but a power we can all develop to learn and live better,” he says.

Suraj urges more schools to teach memory techniques as core skills for students. His Singapore-based training center offers courses to boost memory for academics, professionals, and seniors hoping to keep dementia at bay. Suraj aims to revolutionize learning and make Singapore the memory capital of the world.

If you found forgetting things limiting your life or learning, Sancy’s story proves you can turn it around. Dedicate time to flex your mental muscle with memory training. Like Sancy Suraj, you may be stunned by the incredible feats you can accomplish.

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